Since 1989 Camplex Marketing Corporation have sourced for its esteemed clients premium quality paints raw materials in small and bulk quantities. This well-established company is a partnership concern whose 450 Clients have consolidated our prestige and quality standards by their exacting requirements which we have continually tried to meet and fulfill.

The Company aims to

  • Achieve and continually excel in developing and implementing world-class sourcing and supply of paint raw materials to the industry.
  • We are endeavouring and expect to achieve our own targets by striving to accomplish the highest level of supplier quality and service, by breaking newground everyday.
  • Being true to our commitments by honouring and meeting supply deadlines for our local and overseas clients.
Organic Pigments, Pigment Preparations
Acrylic Emulsions and Additives of water base system
Chrome Pigments
Organic Pigments, Pigment Preparations
Acrylic Emulsion

Raw Materials for Paint, Printing and Plastic Industry

Camplex Marketing Corporation is a leading exporter and supplier of bulk chemicals, paint, and printing raw materials. We offer our clients quality raw material for paint for the application in paint, printing and plastic industry. Our quality product ranges from paint additives, pigments both organic and inorganic color pigments, acrylic emulsion, metallic driers for paint and ink, alkyd resins for formulating paintings, and specialized extenders.

If you are in the manufacturing industry for paint, printing supplies and plastic materials and are in search of high quality paint raw materials then contact us today. We offer you the best chemicals to help you produce high quality paints, inks for printing and over finishes for plastic products without difficulty, and cost effectively.