About us

Setting its stone in the year, 1989 Camplex Marketing Corporation is the leading producer of specialty additives, paints, coatings, Pigments, Resins, Acrylic Emulsions and Metallic Driers. We provide Resins for formulating paintings, additives and coatings which are extensively used and supplied by us to domestic as well as overseas clients.

We have catered to 450 clients by sufficing their exacting requirements, and the reputation of the company is strongly built on the platform of products that are good in quality and the level of satisfaction portrayed by the clients from varied industries like, adhesives, paints and coatings, textiles, plastic and composites, etc. worldwide.

Company Objectives

  • To attain professionalism and international stance by setting a foundation of world class technologies and supplies to world wide industries
  • We set the targets with a constant endeavor to fulfill, the diverse requirements and different provisions of the clients, in the domestic as well as international market place
  • Abide to the standards of the products by determining stringent quality norms under any condition and assurance of, on time service and deliveries, to the world wide clients


The state of the art infrastructure, developed by the company, has the capability to execute large missions, or say large bulk orders, when required by the clients. This infrastructure is in competence with the international standards and offers contemporary transport and communication facilities.

There are some cutting edge equipments, used in Additives which consist of tools like surface moidifier, rheology, flow modifier and hyperdispersant for its use in inks and paints, raw materials. The additives which are used extensively for the formulations of inks include wax emulsions, wax compounds, wax dispersions, and rheology control additives which are used in order to improve the quality of pigments. The hyperdispersants, dispersion and color development and other state of the art infrastructure, enables us to develop some of the best quality pigments to our clients.

Other facilities which are enabled by the company are

  • IT connectivity
  • Advanced banking
  • Trading
  • Realistic and broad foreign policies